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Lincoln Cemetery

A few facts relating to Lincoln Cemetery
1925 – Present

  •   Fairview Cemetery was opened to the public in late 1925 and was chartered October 22, 1926. The name was changed to Lincoln Cemetery in September 1927. At that time there were only three (3) sections developed. In 1925 there were six (6) burials. In 1926 there were sixty seven (67) burials and in 1927 eighty nine (89) services were performed. Today the Cemetery handles between seven hundred (700) to nine hundred (900) services annually.
  •   Some of the costs from the beginning of the Lincoln Cemetery were as follows;
    GRAVE FEES – All graves fees shall be paid in advance to the Treasurer of Superintendent at the time the order is given. All graves shall be opened and closed by the employees of the Park, under the direction of the Superintendent. The charges shall be as follows
  • For adults………………………...…...……$10.00
  • For adult vault……………..….....……….$15.00
  • For children under 10 years of age ..…. $5.00”
  •   In 1976 the Lincoln Chapel, with seating capacity of 350, was completed with a two (2) story office complex. In 1982 the lower level was renovated to add an additional space for employees.
  •  The Lincoln Country Club and golf course was metro Atlanta’s only African-American private club. The Lincoln Country Club building was destroyed by fire several years ago. This area is gradually being developed into new burial sites.
  •   On the interior of the Chapel there are sixty eight (68) crypts and on the exterior Chapel wall there are one hundred sixty six (166) crypts. An extension was added to the Chapel in 1989 to accommodate another five hundred twenty eight (528) crypts. With the addition of Mausoleum buildings in both St. Matthew and St. Mary the Cemetery has exceeded two thousand (2000) crypts. The new century has brought about the development of ten (10) acres of newly developed gardens – Honor (serving our Veterans) and Sunrise.
  •  Lincoln Cemetery’s Advisory Council has played a major role in the development of the community. From several years of Easter Sunrise Services, to over a decade of Veteran’s Day programs; the council, the community and its leaders have been able to come together at a central place of serenity.                  
  •   Many well known individuals are interred here at Lincoln Cemetery.  Individuals such as: politicians, educators, community activists, religious leaders, athletes, war heroes and entertainers.
  •  To date, the 110 acres of the Cemetery are only two thirds developed. We have the ability to serve and attend to the needs of the community now and for decades to come.


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